Studio recording
I record small acoustic/electric bands and singer/songwriters. My recordings are all done on a custom-built PC and lap-top using the very latest in professional digital audio workstations (DAW) called Presonus Studio One . I use  Focusrite Saffire PRO-40 and a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 sound cards that can input sixteen audio tracks through the built-in pre-amps directly onto individual tracks. I also have a twelve track analogue mixer that could be used for micing drums or percussion and feeding into its own stereo track using two of the pre-amp channels.

Monitoring is through a set of Adam A7x active speakers that give a very high quality response.  I have a selection of studio condenser microphones including as SE 2200A. Due to space limitations, drum kits that need recording will have to be done at a separate practice facility. For recording at the studio I would either charge an hourly rate of £20.00 per hour for recording and mixing time, or a daily rate of £140.00 for an eight-hour day not including breaks.

Mobile Recording
I am able to attend venues with artists and record their whole set or chosen songs straight onto a laptop for later mixing. This can be done at a musicians home or favoured location. For this I charge £20.00 per hour recording/mixing time.

If an artist did not have the money initially,  I am prepared to do the recordings for them based on an agreed percentage of profits from the recordings made. This is 15-20%.

A lot of the other studios seem to target large bands, choirs and even orchestras.  I aim my business at smaller bands, singer songwriters etc, as I feel that there are a lot of solo musicians or small bands who cannot afford more expensive studio time.


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